HubSpot CRM : Send Automated Email Via MailChimp for Free

HubSpot CRM: Send Automated Email Via MailChimp for Free, Simple Hack to Start Marketing Automation at No Cost.

This course is for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to set-up their first automated email for free using HubSpot, MailChimp, and Zapier.

Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs know the importance of having a CRM. HubSpot offers them a free CRM with up to 1 million contacts upload and 2000 Manual email send in their HubSpot’s Free Version. However, the real strength for which HubSpot is known is its Marketing Automation which comes with high cost.

This course will guide you through a step-by-step process of how to connect your HubSpot CRM (Free or Paid) with MailChimp and start sending your first Welcome Email.

Once you find this working, you can keep MailChimp as your primary source for email marketing and keep using HubSpot’s Free CRM to get all data from different Landing Pages and connected websites.

Entrepreneurs who learn this technique keep scaling it up using their Digital Marketing process. They get leads into their CRM using Facebook or Google Ads and once they in the CRM an automated welcome email starts sending using MailChimp.

Once they find it’s working, then they go on further to create drip campaigns in MailChimp using HubSpot CRM Leads Data. The system from there takes care of itself when you don’t have to send any manual email and you can focus on your business.

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